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  • Kaysha is the name.
  • 14 is the age.
  • Elwood is the town.
  • Indiana is the state.

Ok now heres some stuff about me.

  • i cant stand my nails not to be paint (sorry im painting my nails so i had to throw that one out there)
  • i am actually surronded by people. but i dont seem to feel them.
  • my favorite bands are Evanescence, AFI, Matchbook Romance, Something Corprate, and such as that.
  • im in drama club, spanish club, student council, steering comittee, and i work at Dairy Queen.
  • When im alone i listen to music and write poems/lyrics.
  • I'm wiccan.
  • i love to read.
  • my favorite class is english.
  • When i go to collage i want to go to New York for acting and Photography.

Ok enough of my jibber jabber. Im not sure how this community works exactly so umm. if you want just post a commit so i know im wanted. end.

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