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I'm new I guess..So i'll introduce myself
I'm Stacy..17 years old ..urm..I'm open to all sorts of music, but I mainly listen to 'emo/indie' and bob marley of course.Blah.I'm a bore. I can play a bit of guitar and i'm a fan of good films.
That's my intro.

I've had only one boyfriend since my entire existence.And that was almost a year ago.It seems so hard for me to just find someone to love. I'm not good at approaching guys it just seems so hard for me to get to know anyone....
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I'm the same way. I've had 1 serious relationship. It only lasted 2 months and then *POOF* she was gone. It took me a year to get it to that point though, almost seems to me it wasnt worth the time.
Relationships are always worth your time...You learn a bit from each one I guess.
*shrugs* old are you now?
Im 28. I mean dont get me wrong, I have a lot of friends and most of them are female, but they see me as "sweet". A lot of poeple see me as "sweet". I guess in the grand scheme of things sweet=not dating material
my friend chris always says "the good guys always get screwed over"